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You could win a rabbit

I have a Ph.D in abelism~

21 April 1987
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I have no nicknames that I like.

A while ago, Livejournal decided that my OTHER account, avalanchexcore was not 18 years or older. Thusly, this account was created. I'm trying to add communities and shit onto this one that were on the last one.

I spend too much money and time on toys and stuffed animals. Way too much money and time. If it is fuzzy, adorable or small, I will probably want to have it. These include but are not limited to blind boxes, gloomy baerzz, tamagotchi, hello kitty, tokidoki things.

Pretty much everyone I know is taller than me. I'm a good foot shorter than all my guy friends. It's like standing in a forest and yelling at the birds at the top of the trees, having a conversation.

I think it's really funny when people try to write the word "angel" and then get all dyslexic and accidently write out "i believe in angles"

My lj bio has turned into a time capsule from 2007 and I am too lazy to update it.